Historic Districts | Map

Historic districts include Drake Park, California Heights, Wrigley, Rose Park, Rose Park South, Bluff Heights, Sunrise Boulevard, Wilton Street, Belmont Heights, Bluff Park, Brenner Place, Carroll Park, Willmore, Eliot Lane, Linden Avenue, Lowena Drive, Minerva Park Place and Hellman St Craftsman Districts.

In the last 10-20 years in particular, historic neighborhoods in Long Beach have gained much in appeal for buyers of bungalows, craftsman houses and other earlier examples of 19th and 20th century architecture. It's important to know if you're buying in such a district because of certain requirements about maintaining such homes as found in the Long Beach ordinance guidelines for each district. An advantage is the Mills Property Tax Act for properties that are eligible. You can find all the current districts on the City's map link below.

There are some condominiums specifically designated as historic buildings, however, most are non-historic properties situated within a historic district which allow the condo owner the ambiance from older properties. 

Long Beach Historic Districts Offer Many Fine Homes and Condos

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