Investment Analysis

Would you like to know the basics of determining a property's "income potential"?  Keep in mind that today, serious investors need to look at long term growth, and not rapid appreciation in value.

If long term growth is your objective, then regardless of which residential project you're considering, you will need to know the six basics of determining a rental property's profit or loss performance.  You will need to know the 6 common expenses, including taxes, insurance, and utility costs (TIMMUR) .  You will need to know the market percentages to calculate the most common income and expenses in order to find out your annual pre-tax return.

Let's say you would like to get a 7% annual return on your new investment property  Find out how much you should offer, based on the "IRV" formula: Income, rate of return, and value.


And, very importantly, financing and down payment requirements will also affect your rate of return: the more cash you put in your down payment, the higher your rate of return on the investment.


For more detailed information on making a good evaluation of the house or units you might be considering, contact me directly or fill out the form below.


Do you already own investment property? Contact me for an analysis of your property using a powerful software tool to analyze your investment properties and maximize investment returns. With accurate information provided to me about your property, I can:


1. Enter income and expense information quickly to analyze property performance.

2. Produce printed charts and graphs that show cash flow, loan equity, appreciation equity, future value and tax shelter.

3. Automatically calculate capitalization ("cap") rate, gross rent multiplier, cash flow before-tax, cash flow after-tax, and internal rate of return.

4. Provide you with further information about investing.

All information provided to me on the form below is not disclosed to a third party without the permission of the provider.

Basics of Evaluating an Investment Property

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