Seller Counseling Resources and Links

Find Counseling Resources and Links for Short Sale or Foreclosure Help

Nonprofit organizations and other experts dedicated to helping consumers avoid foreclosure can be invaluable.

Consider contacting your attorney or a local Legal Aid office, especially if you think you were the victim of questionable lending practices. A good place to start is at

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) website has a list of HUD-approved counseling organizations, by state ( The list may be used as a starting point to find good counselors.  Watch out for questionable counseling companies who advertise that, for a minimal fee, they will hire a lawyer to defend the foreclosure in court or negotiate lender assistance on your behalf. You should call a HUD-approved counseling organization, or 888.995.HOPE before you pay or sign anything. (Information courtesy of National Association of Realtors.)

Other Resources:

For immediate advice, call 888.995.HOPE to speak to a counselor on how to avoid foreclosure. Available in English and Spanish, 24/7. Or visit for more information.

HUD Resources:

List of HUD-approved counseling agencies:

“How to Avoid Foreclosure” (aimed at FHA borrowers but can help others as well).

Freddie Mac: “Keeping Your Home, Protecting Your Investment.” Go to and search for this brochure by typing in the full name of the brochure.

Ginnie Mae: For a simple calculator to help home buyers estimate how much they can afford to spend, read “How Much Home Can You Afford?”

Credit-reporting agencies:

Equifax 800.685.1111

Experian 888.397.3742

TransUnion 800.916.8800

Go to to ask for a free copy of your credit report, once a year, or call 877.322.8228. See also

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