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The information in this interactive data visualization is from Existing-Home Sales data. It shows you price and sales data for the month, and lets you compare it to prices and sales over the previous 12 months.

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  • Amid sustained job creation and sustained historically low mortgage rates, REALTORS® reported strong home buying demand in August 2017. 
  • Properties continued to sell at a brisk pace, and home buyers faced higher prices as supply remained low relative to demand. 
  • Demand from first-time buyers continued to increase at a modest pace. 
  • Amid tight supply, most... Read More

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The information in this infographic is from August 2017 Existing-Home Sales data.

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The information in this infographic is from August 2017 Existing-Home Sales data.

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The Business Creation Index (BCI) was created to monitor local economic conditions from the perspective of NAR’s commercial members. This quarterly report offers insight from commercial real estate professionals into whether businesses are opening or closing by industry, population density, and subregion. In this episode, we talk with Research Survey Analyst Amanda Riggs on the latest results of the index and what they mean for REALTORS®. 

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