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City of Lakewood

For the condo buyer who prefers to reside primarily within residential neighborhoods, Lakewood provides that opportunity.  One of the larger complexes is Lakewood Shores,  a 1970s larger affordable complex with over 232 townhouse-style units featuring two swimming pools, jacuzzis and tennis courts. 

The City of Lakewood (90712, 90713) was the nation's first planned housing development community--and it's city government was the model for many others around the country, documented as the Lakewood Plan. Following a colorful series of events to avoid annexation by the City of Long Beach, Lakewood finally incorporated and became its own city in 1954.

Organized primarily as a development of single family homes, starting with 17,500 with the first development in 1950, there are relatively few condominium developments. There are now over 26,000 housing unts, most of them single family detached homes.


Lakewood is host to a large area shopping mall in the middle of a surrounding commercial area, a beautiful country club and golf course, and many fine neighborhoods near parks and recreational centers. Lakewood's schools are administered by the Long Beach Unified School District, which can be found under the schools link.


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